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Summer fiesta time!

Fiestas,vino,chupinazo y SanferminesSunny summer days are definitely the best time for a good fiesta! And the Spanish certainly know how to party!

Dance yourself to dizzy heights in Anguiano at the Stilt Dance, celebrate life in Las Nieves at the Festival of Near Death Experience, or get messy throwing tomatoes, grapes or even wine! at La Tomatina, La Raima orBatalla del Vino.

Alternatively, you could just stay at home, invite a few friends and and get fruity with our zingy Sangria! Get out your castanets (you know you have some somewhere!), put on some Spanish flamenco and you could almost be there!

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September 24th: Festes de la Merce, Barcelona

The main annual festival and public holiday in Barcelona, Spain takes place on September 24th, and celebrates the city’s patron saint’s day – the day of the Virgin de la Merce. Expect precarious human towers, parades of giant figures, fireworks, live music and plenty of traditional food and drink.

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Last Friday in August: La Raima

La Raima, ValenciaTomatoes not your thing? Well never fear La Raima in Valencia, Spain is all about throwing grapes instead! Two days after the famous Tomatina tomato throwing festival the Spaniards are at it again. This time its all about grapes. Several lorries show up at around mid day in the town centre and dump 40 tons of the local Spanish Garnacha Tintorera grapes. From then on its a complete free for all!

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