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A good week!

Well it’s been a good week for, this week. First off we got featured in the new tumblr spotlight directory  which brought us over 400 new tumblr followers since it went live on Wednesday (3 days ago)!

Then (probably as a result of the spotlight listing) CulturePOP featured us in their FRIDAY 5: Travel Tumblrs for Your Lay-cation. A great way to see the sights without even leaving the comfort of your couch!



Pahiyas Festival 2011 (via Endless Chronicles)

A lovely slide show of the wonderful Pahiyas festival on May 15th 2011

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via Endless Chronicles

Towel Day – Celebrating the life and work of Douglas Adams (via World of author Tim Holtorf)

Is it a co-incidence that it is also Geek Pride day as well?

Towel Day - Celebrating the life and work of Douglas Adams Towel Day – Celebrating the life and work of Douglas Adams. Today is Towel Day, and as the link says, it celebrates the life and work of Douglas Adams, notable for the Trilogy in several parts, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I must admit, my first introduction to Douglas Adams wasn't until 1988.  I had just graduated high school and was working a summer job in Lake Louise, Alberta.  Up at the Chateau, to be honest.  It was just on the Albe … Read More

via World of author Tim Holtorf

We’re moving!

Somewhere in the world today is moving to it’s very own home on with a brand new look. In the coming weeks this will mean that we can add lots more stuff like the ability to book a trip and a fully functioning shop.

We hope you like it – take a look!

Wakes Monday in September: Abbots Bromley Horn dance

 Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

After collecting the ancient horns from the church at 8:00am in the morning, the Horn Dancers (comprising of 6 Deer-men, a fool, a hobby horse, a bowman and Maid Marian) perform their dance accompanied by a melodian player at various locations throughout the village of Abbots Bromley in Stafford.

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1st Sunday in September: Fiesta de San Roque

Chunchos, San Roque, TarijEvery dog has its day, but in Tarija, Bolivia they get at least a week! Tarija’s well known Fiesta de San Roque features dogs parading through the streets in festive collars (San Roque being the patron saint of dogs). During the celebration, all the dogs around the city are adorned with ribbons and showered with treats and affection.

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August 15th: Ferragosto

Pallio de PupeFerragosto is an Italian holiday dating back to Roman times when it was held to honor the gods and the harvest, (the name comes from its original Latin name, Feriae Augusti – Festivals of the Emperor Augustus) however it wasn’t long before the Roman Catholics hijacked it to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (AKA the physical elevation of her sinless soul and incorrupt body to Heaven).

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