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Summer fiesta time!

Fiestas,vino,chupinazo y SanferminesSunny summer days are definitely the best time for a good fiesta! And the Spanish certainly know how to party!

Dance yourself to dizzy heights in Anguiano at the Stilt Dance, celebrate life in Las Nieves at the Festival of Near Death Experience, or get messy throwing tomatoes, grapes or even wine! at La Tomatina, La Raima orBatalla del Vino.

Alternatively, you could just stay at home, invite a few friends and and get fruity with our zingy Sangria! Get out your castanets (you know you have some somewhere!), put on some Spanish flamenco and you could almost be there!

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May to September: Highland Games

Highland warriorFrom feats of strength such as throwing the hammer, tossing the cabre and tug-o-war to the more gentile events such as bagpipe playing and highland fling dancing, its all part of Scotland’s rich heritage and tradition.

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Mid June: the Dreaming festival


Aborigine, Originally uploaded by Colin Shepherd

The Dreaming Festival celebrates indigenous culture from music, dance and art to ancient healing. The event not only celebrates the local culture of the Jinibara people, but also of indigenous tribes across Australia and the rest of the world.

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29th June: Batalla del Vino

Batalla Del Vino, Haro
Originally uploaded to by

As the name suggests the Haro Wine Battle involves throwing copious amounts of wine over everybody!

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End of June: Boi Bumba

Boi Bumba

Boi Bumba, originally uploaded by Paulo Sullivano

Bumba meu boi (or bumba-boi, boi-bumbá, etc.) is a kind of dramatic dance off in the small town of Parantin, Brazil which tells the story of the death and resurrection of an ox. Roughly translated the words mean “Beat the Bull.” and this is chanted by the crowd as an invitation for the ox (or rather, the dancers in the ox costume) to charge against them.

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June 24th: Festival of Saint John

Florence Medieval football game

Florence Medieval football game, originally uploaded by vicki & dan

On 24th June Florence dresses up, parades, dances, plays football and sings in commemoration of Saint John.

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June 23rd midnight: Fiesta del Agua

Lanjaron Water Fight

Lanjaron Water Fight, originally uploaded by leekelleher

At midnight on 23 June, the village of Lanjarón erupts into a massive water fight. Lanjarón, Spain is famed for its mineral water, which is splashed about by the bucket-load and sprayed enthusiastically from water pistols during this crazy fiesta.

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