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Summer fiesta time!

Fiestas,vino,chupinazo y SanferminesSunny summer days are definitely the best time for a good fiesta! And the Spanish certainly know how to party!

Dance yourself to dizzy heights in Anguiano at the Stilt Dance, celebrate life in Las Nieves at the Festival of Near Death Experience, or get messy throwing tomatoes, grapes or even wine! at La Tomatina, La Raima orBatalla del Vino.

Alternatively, you could just stay at home, invite a few friends and and get fruity with our zingy Sangria! Get out your castanets (you know you have some somewhere!), put on some Spanish flamenco and you could almost be there!

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May to September: Highland Games

Highland warriorFrom feats of strength such as throwing the hammer, tossing the cabre and tug-o-war to the more gentile events such as bagpipe playing and highland fling dancing, its all part of Scotland’s rich heritage and tradition.

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July / August: The Hungry Ghost festival / Ullambana

Hungry Ghost Festival, 26 feet tall Gatekeeper of Hades

This Chinese festival is full of superstition. It is believed that throughout the whole month the gates of Hell are open and certain activities are deemed risky as you may be dragged down into the Underworld. This includes swimming or being near water – as superstition has it that the souls of the damned dwell in the water just waiting for you to come near so they can pull you under!

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Try these at home

These floating lanterns are used in China and Japan to send the spirits of visiting ancestors off back to the Underworld at festivals such as the Hungary Ghost festival in China and Obon in Japan. They beautifully light up any waterway for short while.
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July 2nd & August 16th: Palio di Siena

Il Corteo storico (Palio di Siena)The Palio di Siena (locally known as Il Palio) is a horse race held in Siena, Italy on July 2nd and August 16th. Ten horses carrying ten bareback riders colourfully dressed to represent ten of the seventeen city neighbourhoods compete against eachother.

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August 13th to 16th: Obon Matsuri / Funekko Nagashi

Obon Matsuri is a Japanese Buddhist festival that is a time for honouring the souls of dead ancestors whose spirits supposedly come back to visit their earthly family. The 3 days of Obon is an important time for family gatherings and visiting ancestors’ graves.

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July 7th / August 7th: Tanabata

The goddess Tanabata and the farmer Mikeran fell in love. It is said that Tanabata asked Mikeran to weave one thousand sandals and bury them under the bamboo tree that it might grow up high enough to reach heaven and they could meet again.

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July 31st: Festival for the Patron Saint of Moxos

San Ignacio de Moxos, BoliviaThis is one of the most important festivals in the Beni region of Bolivia. There are processions, dancing and a general festive air throughout the night to honour the patron Saint of Moxos (San Ignacio), a statue of whom is paraded through the streets during the course of the festivities.

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